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Medisafe 3E-Zyme

Medisafe 3E-Zyme

Medisafe 3E-Zyme

3E-Zyme multi enzyme cleaner cleans in 30 seconds

3E-Zyme has been designed for ultrasonic, cleaners, tunnel washers and deluge washers.

 •Odourless detergent



 •Environmentally friendly

 •Free-rinsing formula

 •Non-foaming formulation

 •pH: neutral

3E-Zyme uses a combination of three high performance enzymes. These are fully effective against and digest ALL residues and deposits normally found on surgical instruments and apparatus including proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and mucopolysaccharides.

 •3E-Zyme searches for residues and begins digesting them upon contact

 •3E-Zyme’s formulation reduces surface tension which allows deeper and more thorough cleaning of the most complex instruments

 •3E-Zyme absorbs the residues and holds them in suspension leaving other instruments free from cross contamination

 •3E-Zyme leaves the instrument totally clean and free from deposits